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A few formatted Shakespeare eBooks are still available for download -- see bottom of page.
A Few Words about This Site

As time permits, I'll be formatting more of Shakespeare's plays for easy reading as electronic media. So far, time hasn't permitted much, but it's a start. Public domain files will be used, so the files posted here won't be encumbered by copyright. The first few files were created using less clearly public domain material, so they will be replaced eventually.

There is much scholarly discussion about the various versions of Shakespeare's works, especially those which have been modernized in various ways. The versions here are somewhat modernized, in that they don't preserve the archaic spelling of the first folios, and in other subtle ways that escape my own scholarship in this area. Project Gutenberg has several versions of certain plays, and some of those keep very closely to the first folio editions. If you're a scholar of English literature, please accept my apologies in advance for providing these eBook editions without having validated their accuracy. It seemed worthwhile to make the plays more available, without much concern for scholarly provenance, and to let refinements accumulate in future revisions. Most likely, if this project succeeds, people of generous nature will contribute good information to be included in some useful notebooks and/or addenda to the plays themselves.

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All's Well that Ends Well (PDF, 459 k) ... plain text (zip, 60 k)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (PDF, 585 k) ... plain text (zip, 79 k)

Antony and Cleopatra (PDF, 544 k) ... plain text (zip, 67 k)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (PDF, 340 k)

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